13th Biennial Symposium

22-24 August 2019


Welcome to the webpage of the International Society for Strategic Studies in Radiology. Our Society assembles leaders, thinkers and visionaries in a non-political, not-for-profit organization to raise and address issues of global importance to the field of radiology.

Medical imaging is a rapidly developing field, in which new research findings that impact medical practice appear on a daily basis. With the expansion of medical imaging into the molecular dimension and increasing collaboration between scientists from related fields, the pace of discovery and innovation is further accelerating. It is our intention to bring together those who advance medical imaging in academia and industry and to provide them with a forum to communicate, plan strategically and influence future developments in the field.

We invite you to explore our webpage to learn more about our activities and publications.

Sanjiv Sam Gambhir          Luis Donoso                       Gabriel Krestin
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