28-30 August 2025
Dublin, IE



The International Society for Strategic Studies in Radiology (IS3R) is a non-political non-profit organisation according to Austrian law having as its purpose the encouragement of strategic studies exclusively and directly dedicated to promoting and coordinating scientific, educational, philanthropic, intellectual and professional activities in the field of radiology.

Only persons playing an active role in research, education or development in the field of radiology can become members. Corporations playing an active role in research or development in the field of radiology may become extraordinary members of the organisation. They have no voting rights and do not take any influence on the organisation’s scientific activities.

Notwithstanding generating income from membership fees and donations from extraordinary members allowing the organisation to pursue its purpose, IS3R maintains a policy of strict equidistance to all members and would not allow any undue influence by any of its members on its activities. IS3R pays careful attention that research or publications supported by IS3R are not subject to any conflict of interest, be it with one of its members or be it with entities outside its organisation.