28-30 August 2025
Dublin, IE


Scientific Program: August 24

8:00-8:10           Opening

Session 1: Academic-Industrial Collaboration

Moderators: B. Brkljacic, D. Enzmann

8:10-8:30           Keynote Lecture 1: Collaboration of imaging companies and radiology
                          departments in the new era of imaging
(B. Montag)

8:30-8:40           Open Discussion

Session 2: Changing Workforce – From the Great Resignation to Quiet Quitting

Moderators: N. Dunnick, M. Schweiger

8:40-9:00           Keynote Lecture 2: Impact on Large Integrated Healthcare Systems (M. Recht)

9:00-9:15           Consequences for Industry (R. Mather)

9:15-9:55           Panel discussion 1: How CAN virtualization Assist or Hinder workforce
Moderators: A. Scott, F. Lubinus
Panelists: H. Thoeny, B. McNeil, C. Niehaus, R. Illing, N. Stefani

9:55-10:15         Open Discussion

10:15-10:35      Coffee Break


Session 3: Artificial Intelligence

Moderators: R. Pettigrew, Z.Y. Jin

10:35-10:55      Keynote Lecture 3: How close are Comprehensive AI solutions? (J. Sosna)

10:55-11:05      Have data access challenges been overcome? (K. Dreyer)
11:05-11:15      Are algorithms sufficiently robust? How do we mitigate against temporal degradation? (O.
11:15-11:25      Are algorithms sufficiently robust? How close are continuous learning solutions? (L.
11:25-11:35      What ethical challenges are looming with AI and how will they be overcome? (A. Brady)
11:35-11:45      How will various AI business models affect AI adoption and success? (S. Schönberg)

11:45-12:05      Open Discussion

12:05-12:45      Panel discussion 2: Realization of value from AI in multiple domains. Where is AI
                          likely to bring the greatest value to radiology, considering appropriateness, quality,
                          service, cost and waste?
                          Moderators: G. Rubin, W. Niessen
Panelists: E. Morris, G. Cerri, P. Chang, T. Kass-Hout, M. McHugh

12:45-13:00      Open Discussion

13:00-14:00      Lunch

Session 4: Value-Based Radiology

Moderators: C. Buchpiguel, G. Krestin

14:00-14:10      IS3R Update: VBR Strategic Plan and Prioritized Tactics – Progress to Date (J. Brink)

Society Updates on VBR Activities
14:10-14:20      RSNA (M. Mauro)
14:20-14:30      ESR (A. Rockall)
14:30-14:40      ACR (J. Bello)
14:40-14:50      AOSR (N. Tomiyama)
14:50-15:05      European Evaluation of CT Justification (EU-CT-JUST) (B. Brkljačić)

15:05-15:25      Open Discussion

15:25-15:45      Coffee Break

15:45-16:15     IS3R Sam Gambhir Innovation Prize Award Session
Small-molecule Targeting of PSMA for Life (M. Pomper)

16:15-17:00      IS3R General Assembly (members only)